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DVK90129 RFID Sensor Kit

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The DVK90129 is an intelligent plug and play platform to drive the development of RF enabled sensing and data logging for enterprise and consumer applications.

Focus on sensor product development without the effort of configuring a HF RFID reader.

The DVK90129 reader and evaluation board kit provides developers with immediate access to the new Melexis® MLX90129 RFID enabled sensor transponder IC. Developers can read/write to the IC with our plug and play USB high frequency reader right out of the box. The EVB90129 evaluation board includes demonstration thermometers, a potentiometer and a light sensor for ease of testing the IC and powerful Dashboard evaluation tools . Other parameters may be measured by connecting additional resistive sensors. Data logging is enabled by adding a battery.

DVK90129 13.56MHz RFID Enabled Sensor Kit includes:

  • PRFD-1: USB Desktop HF RF Reader
  • API-SEV1: XML Based API for Sensors for easy integration
  • DSH-SEV: Ready to use Dashboard demo tools
  • EVB90129: RFID Enabled Sensor Evaluation Board with thermometer, light sensor and potentiometer

Download the DVK90129 Brochure

Sensor Development API

The Proxima RF Sensor Development Universal API is an XML based interface between the HF RFID enabled sensor Reader/Writer and your C++, .NET or Java application. This flexible API enables developers to quickly create an interface between their applications, the Proxima RF RFID modules and the Melexis sensor chip to minimize time-to-market. The API is suitable for most OEM applications. 

Dashboard Demo Tools

Our powerful Dashboard tool gives you access to the Melexis sensor chip in minutes – no coding required. You can evaluate the chip and show your clients how combining HF RFID with sensing can give them visibility into critical metrics.

The Demo Screen gives an immediate graphical representation of the sensor’s current reading.

There is functionality to log current readings, or to set data logging on the evaluation board then reading the data in. Export the data to analyze it in a spreadsheet.

Functionality is available for register presets, or to individually set the registers on the board.

Contact us for more information on RFID Enabled Sensors, or visit Melexis' MLX90129® site.

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