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Proxima RF™ designs, develops and manufactures High-Frequency RFID readers and reader modules for 13.56 MHz passive and RFID enabled sensor tags.

Get HF RFID Development Started

Proxima RF products available
from Future Electronics:
DVK90129 Sensor Development Kit
PRFD-ST1 Desktop Starter Kit
PRFD-1 Desktop RFID Reader
Why spend your time learning about HF readers when you need to build a solution for a client? Our starter kits provide system integrators and designers HF RFID with everything needed to quickly create an HF RFID solution.

Includes an API and ready-to-use applications for asset control, personal identification, maintenance and inventory tracking so you can demonstrate the power of HF RFID to clients BEFORE writing any code.

HF RFID Desktop Starter Kit

HF RFID WorkAbout Pro Mobile Starter Kit

Ready to Go Mobility for the Professional

  • AVX-PRO1 HF RFID Mobility Solution
    • Includes an AVX-ST1 Starter Kit and a WorkAboout Pro G2 (short or long) with a battery and docking station.

HF RFID Enabled Sensor Starter

Expand Your Solution

For the experienced system integrator and end-use designer, both desktop and mobile readers compatible with the WorkAbout Pro are also available off the shelf.

HF RFID Tags Supported

Our readers support all ISO15693 tags, and CryptoRF tags using ISO 14443B protocols and RFID enabled Melexis 90129 sensor tags. Not sure which tag you need? Call us at 1-877-313-RFID(7343) or send us a note .

OEM Products and Professional Services

Proxima RF can assist you with finding an appropriate HF RFID solution to your tracking and monitoring problems. We use rapid prototyping to create OEM prototypes and modules with a typical turnaround of 6-8 weeks.

Contact us with any questions about HF RFID Readers, tags or solutions.

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