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HF RFID Desktop Starter Kit

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Focus on implementing your application instead of designing a reader! The Proxima RF HF RFID Desktop Starter Kit allows you to demonstrate the potential of your proximity application to your clients immediately.

The Read/Write Desktop Starter Kit includes:

  • PRFD-1: Proxima RF Desktop USB HF RFID Reader
  • API-ST1: XML Based Universal API
  • DSH-ST1: RFID Demonstration Tools
  • Assortment of RFID Tags

Download the RFID Desktop Starter Kit Brochure

Proxima RF Desktop USB HF RFID Reader

Our Read/Write Desktop RFID Reader saves you the time and effort that would be spent on hardware design and manufacturing. Our reader is ready to scan – no external antennas are needed to get immediate functionality.

Proxima RF Universal API

The Proxima RF Universal Application Program Interface (API) is an XML based interface between the RFID Reader/Writer and your C++, .NET or Java application. This flexible API enables developers to quickly create an interface between their applications and our Proxima RF RFID module thus minimizing time-to-market.

The API is compatible with Proxima RF HF RFID modules and is appropriate for most OEM applications.

RFID Demonstration Tools

Our powerful demo tools let you show your client how HF RFID can save them money and make their operations more efficient. The DSH-ST1 RFID Demonstration Tools include ready to use applications with customizable features.

Ready-To-Use Demo Application

Proxima RF can provide you with the software tools you need to successfully harness the power of RFID. Our Ready-To-Use Demo Applications demonstrate potential RFID applications in:

  • Asset control
  • Personal identification
  • Maintenance
  • Inventory
Need more info? Contact the HF RFID team at Proxima RF.

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