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Secure RFID Readers with CryptoRF®

High Frequency RFID contact cards are designed for use in a multitude of "contact" identity and payment systems. Yet the tags (the 'card') and the readers have limited security - the security resides largely in a database those cards access.

CryptoRF® from our partner, Atmel, is a secure 13.56 MHz HF RFID system that provides true security on the client side with secure cards and readers.

To provide affordable security to our clients, Proxima RF™ readers are compatible with Atmel’s CryptoRF® technology. We offer both ready-to-ship and customer mobile and fixed readers with CryptoRF® capability, ideal for affordable security in close range RFID solutions.

CryptoRF® is the world's first 13.56 MHz RFID devices with a 64-bit embedded cryptographic engine, dual authentication capability, and up to 64 Kbits of memory, each with up to 16 individually configurable sectors. CryptoRF® devices create unique “signatures” based on information that is never transmitted or allowed to be accessed in any way, making it virtually impossible to copy.

Using authentication keys, session encryption keys and random numbers rather than an easily captured password, CryptoRF® generates a unique identity, for each transaction. The host reader and the CryptoRF® device must both be able to duplicate each other's identity before any data can be accessed or written. Learn more about our CryptoRF® readers.

Proxima RF™ offers the only FCC approved RFID Reader using CryptoRF® protocols. This gives your proximity solution hardware security superior to any competing software solution. Included is also a key diversification scheme which would limit any attack to only one unit, rather than at the system itself. By including the security in the hardware rather than developing a software solution, you shorten application development times.

Potential Applications:

  • Public transportation
  • Identification cards
  • Product authenticity
  • Access control
  • E-Purse
  • Energy and Parking Meters
  • Loyalty cards

Government and Encryption Inquiries

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