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ProximaRF Technology Corp. specializes in making 13.56 MHz HF RFID modules and tools to make them easy to implement.

We’re passionate about producing HF RFID readers and supporting technology that make a real difference to our customers – implementers, system integrators, consultants and end users. The result: corporations that use our products get more done, report greater employee job satisfaction, add more value, and delight more customers.

Our readers come supplied with a very powerful Application Protocol Interface designed to make it easy for software integrators to implement RFID with existing backend data systems.

We recognize the challenges of RFID design and ensure a ‘plug and play’ device that comes with real world application tools so system integrators can demonstrate the power of HF RFID to their clients. Proxima RF™ HF RFID solutions will increase productivity and return investment for any system integrator, designer or end user.

Our readers and API are used in field sales and service, logistics, cold/supply chain, healthcare and transportation solutions.

Our products are sold in five continents wherever intelligent, flexible and encrypted HF RFID applications are needed. Proxima RF™ pioneered the design and development of encrypted HF RFID readers.

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