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Why waste valuable development time learning how to configure an HF radio frequency reader? We provide starter kits to get you going.

Proxima RF products available
from Future Electronics:
DVK90129 Sensor Development Kit
PRFD-ST1 Desktop Starter Kit
PRFD-1 Desktop RFID Reader
Proxima RF designs and sells 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) RFID readers for:
  • ISO14443B Atmel 64 bit CryptoRF encryption
  • HF enabled sensors - data logging and batteryless applications
  • ISO15693 compliant HF tags

Use our Read/Write FCC/CE certified HF reader platform to focus resources on quickly evaluating and designing your proximity solutions for:

  • Asset and maintenance tracking of high value and mission critical parts where proximity reads and high quality 64 bit encryption security is required
  • Monitoring products and process measurements with HF enabled sensor
    1. Cold chain tracking (eg. Pharmaceuticals, beverages, food) where immediate reading is needed
    2. Horticultural monitoring
    3. Water monitoring, and more

Product Focus:

CryptoRF Encryption System: HF Enabled Sensor Development Kit

For high quality HF RFID encryption, we use CryptoRF® dual authentication system that provides true security by combining secure 64 bit encrypted 13.56 MHz HF RFID memory tags with client side security with secure readers. CryptoRF® provides 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, four sets of non-readable, 64-bit authentication keys, and four sets of non-readable, 64-bit session encryption keys plus a key diversification scheme limiting any attack to only one unit.

More information on CryptoRF Encryption.

Create new data-logging and battery-less sensor applications.

Our HF RFID enabled Sensor tag Evaluation Kit provides developers and system integrators with immediate access to the Melexis 90129 sensor IC for embedded or sensor network design. The Read/Write Development Kit includes the API, an easy to use Dashboard for visual and histogram representation of sensor readings and a Tri-sensor evaluation board with thermometer, light sensor and potentiometer.

More information on the HF RFID Enabled Sensor Evalution Kit.

2/6/2012 Tranzbyte Corporation Acquires ProximaRF

PHOENIX, AZ - Feb 6, 2012 -- Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB (OTC:PK)) announced today that it has purchased ProximaRF Technology Holding Corp. ( 6-Year-Old ProximaRF produces a versatile and leading-edge portfolio of RFID readers, tags, sensor tags, sensor probes, and RFID-enabled data logging tags based on the ISO 15693 standard of high frequency (13.56 Mhz) RFID. HF RFID is ideally suited for applications requiring a secure 1-to-1 device write and read. ProximaRF joins Altitude Organic Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tranzbyte.

6/22/2010 Fresh Approach to Cold Chain Monitoring Enabled by Sensing Alliance
Companies using new HF RFID Enabled Sensor IC partner to create wireless sensing solutions for difficult, high moisture applications.
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